Howdy, friend. I’m Adam J. McCombs.

I'm a designer + web developer from Austin, Texas focusing on pushing the web forward with pattern libraries, design systems and content management systems.

I love working with platforms like React, Craft CMS, Wordpress, Shopify, and Magento.

Weekend Hack: Building a label app using Node.js & the ShipEngine API

Web Dev

The ShipEngine API allows instant access to multiple shipping carriers to validate address, process and track shippments and to get rate quotes. In a short, weekend "hack-a-thon" style effort, ShipEngine hired me to build an example label creator called Shipenguin.

Shipenguin, a node.js based app, uses Google Maps auto complete, the ShipEngine API to verify address, gather rates and generate shipping labels. Shipping label payments are process using the Stripe API.

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Shipenguin by Shipstation

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